Manual Chain Hoist 500kg
Manual Chain Hoist with Bag 250kg
Manual Chain Hoist 250kg
Manual Chain Hoist 1000kg

Manual Chain Hoist Chain Block 250KG – 500KG – 1000KG

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Manual Chain Block / Chain Hoist

250KG – 500KG – 1000KG

12m in Black


12m Meters of Lift

Chain Bag Sold Seperatly

  • Gear case and hand wheel cover resistant to external shocks
  • Double enclosure helps to prevent mud and dust from entering the internal mechanisms
  • Dry type asbestos-free mechanical brake ensures strong brake performance
  • Stopper assembly prevents excessive lowering of a load and also keeps load chain from exiting if over lowered

250KG, 500KG, 1000KG