Milos MRT1 PA Tower

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Milos MRT1 PA Tower


The MRT1 is our smallest rigging tower. Its size and weight makes it the ideal choice for small events, bands, and touring promotional road shows. It incorporates our M290V truss system for durability and safety.

Key Benefits

  • Compact heavy-duty M290 series Line Array tower solution
  • 8m (26.25 ft) max. height – 750 Kg SWL
  • Hinge mast & optimised components for a fast assembly
  • Optional tower helper erecting frame available
  • Electric chain hoist or manual chain block connection point
  • Screwjack feet for quick & easy levelling


Technical information

  • Height: 8m
  • Max SWL: 750kg
  • Self Weight: 178kg


Additional information

Weight 178 kg