Osram HMI DIGITAL 400W 75V GZY9.5

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Osram HMI DIGITAL 400W 75V GZY9.5


Product Features and Benefits

  • High CRI of >90
  • UV-Stop (UVS)
  • Color temperature of 6,000 K (daylight)
  • Extremely bright light of up to 100 lumens/watt
  • Hot restart capability
  • Suited for both analog and digital film production
  • Robust stems, resulting in less breakage during transport
  • Round moly-foil construction that evenly distributes heat and current extends for lamp longevity (6,000-18,000 W)
  • Splash-proof carrying case is re-usable and allows lamps to be transported safely (6,000-18,000 W)

Areas of Application

  • Studio
  • Stage
  • TV






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