Quest MXS10 Compact 10″ Concealable Subwoofer

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Quest MXS10 Compact 10″ Concealable Subwoofer



Extended range bass, and easy to conceal. The MXS10 coupled with MX or MXC loudspeakers provides a complete, full-range audio solution. One which architects and venue designers have long been waiting for.

The MXS10 is a suitable low/mid sound pressure level subwoofer for use in permanent installation environments. It is ideal as a bass extension to a distributed background music system, or as a multi-unit system in a bar or music venue.

The ‘punchy’, yet smooth performance of the MXS10 is delivered via the custom 10” 50mm Voice Coil – Dual Magnet Woofer. A decision early on in the design phase was made to build a custom driver to suit the application specific requirements of the MXS10…the result speaks for itself.


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