Quest QX Series 4750 Amplifier

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Quest QX Series 4750 Amplifier


The Quest Engineering QX4750 is a 2 RU power amplifier suited for any application requiring superior performance and reliability. Ideal for multiple zone applications providing commercial sound installations with clean and reliable power the QX4750 provides 750 watts per channel of operation into 4 and 8 ohm loads and can bridge channel outputs that can be configured to deliver full channel power to either low- or high-impedance loads. HP and LP filters, limiters and standby are available per channel with fast 1ms wake up time. For high end commercial, AV or domestic applications, the QX range of amplifiers provide superior class D performance with proven reliability without compromise.



  • Superior class D technology providing high performance power amplification.
  • Auto Load Sensing: 4-16 Ohm, 70V – 100V Hi Z
  • Energy star compliance, standby power saving mode available per channel (switchable)
  • UMACTM Class-D – full bandwidth PWM modulator with ultra-low distortion
  • DanteTM/AES67 inputs available via Dante expansion card
  • Individual volume control, standby, 80Hz HPF, 100Hz LPF,Limiter
  • Short circuit protection, DC protection, under voltage protection, temperature protection, overload protection, HF protection
  • URECTM universal mains switch mode power supply with Power Factor Correction (PFC) and integral standby converter
  • Euroblock style amplifier I/O connectors
  • High Dynamic range incorporating, DynamiQ Bass technology® Designed, Engineered, and Assembled in Australia



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