Triple E Erail Medium Duty Theatre Curtain Track

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Triple E Erail Medium Duty Theatre Curtain Track

Flexible and reliable stage tracking for walkalong, corded or motorised operation of drapes on straight or curved systems, ideal for schools and smaller venues.


Erail is an aluminum extruded black anodized track section. The standard stock length for Erail is 6.1 m (20 feet) and can be curved to a minimum radius of 500 mm. The Erail section incorporates a ‘Tee’ slot in its upper face that accepts a proprietary M8 channel nut which is used to attach all components to the track.

Erail is perfect for permanent installations in small to mid-size venues such as schools, studios and theatres. Erail can be used walkalong, corded or motorised. Our plug-and-play motors can be quickly retro-fitted to an existing system so Erail gives venues the flexibility to upgrade their system in the future. All Erail runners utilise ball-raced polyurethane wheels for maximum quietness and smoothness.


Key Points

  • Walkalong, corded or motorised
  • 25 x 37 mm (WxH)
  • I beam style track
  • All runners are ball-raced with polyurethane wheels
  • Used for drapes up to 8 m tall.



ERAIL is a compact profile extruded aluminium track, with a comprehensive range of component parts that enables it to be used for all but the heaviest professional main stage curtains.

Operation of ERAIL is almost silent by the use of ball raced nylon wheels, making it an ideal choice for small stages, conference halls, hotels, and school halls.

If a cord system is required, ERAIL uses the standard matt black pre-stretched polyester cord used on other Triple E tracks. Hand or motorised winches are available for operating ERAIL, or just a tensioned floor pulley.

Erail can be rolled to any radius; the minimum is 500mm, (1′ 8″). Erail is stocked in 6.1m (20 feet) lengths.



The external dimensions are 25mm (1″) wide x 37mm high (1 1/2″). The track is configured as an ‘I’ beam lower section with a Tee slot above.

The carrier wheels run between the flanges of the beam. Erail carriers are 24mm (1″) wide for calculating stacking distances.

Carriers are normally attached to curtains at 300 mm, 250mm or 200mm centres.

The leading carrier is 70mm (2 3/4″) wide and this can be fitted with an overlap arm if required.

The upper channel accepts an 8mm threaded tee nut with which to suspend the track with a selection of standard or Unistrut type brackets and studding.

In the bottom centre of the extrusion is a keyhole slot that accepts a roll pin to align the running surfaces when the track sections are joined.

Each joint set comprises a flat plate with 4 grub screws that fits into the top slot and 1 roll pin.





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