Chauvet CP Rack

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Chauvet CP Rack


A compact and lightweight rack designed to hold up to 1,000 lbs of lighting fixtures with the ability to raise and lower its overall height and fold down when not in use for easy storage. CP Rack can be stacked two-high, allowing for better space utilization when transporting. The 31.5″ width is designed for a truck pack and at a height of just over 4′ it fits easily in small elevators, through ADA doors, and can navigate hallways to ballrooms and other potentially hard-to-get-to installations.

Once CP Rack is fully assembled, it can be configured and reconfigured to best suit the type of fixtures being mounted. Examples of possible configurations include: Four (4) large moving heads (e.g., Maverick Storm 4 Profile / Force 3 Profile) • Six (6) mid-size moving heads (e.g., Maverick Storm 2 Profile / Force S/1/2 Profiles/Spots) • Twelve to sixteen (12-16) small moving wash fixtures (e.g., Rogue Outcast 1 BeamWash / Rogue R2X Wash) • Eight to ten (8-10) Ovation ellipsoidals with lenses • Four (4) COLORado PXL Bar 16 (with clamps) • Sixteen (16) COLORado PXL Bar 8 (with clamps)



At a Glance

  • A compact and light weight rack designed to hold up to 1,000 lbs. of lights with the ability to raise and lower its overall height and fold down when not in use for easy storage. The uprights can
  • be removed from the rack and used for H Frames as a convenance. The rack can be stacked two high and still fit inside a standard tractor trailer and is standard truck pack width.
  • Folds flat in seconds for convenient storage.
  • Compact size allows for the rack to fit through ADA compliant doors as well as smaller elevators.
  • Variable height allows for multiple types of fixtures to be transported without the need for additional accessories.
  • 5” high capacity casters for easy movement of the racks when fully loaded
  • Removable H frames that can be hung from truss to hang fixtures.
  • Able to carry up to (4) of our largest fixtures.
  • Ships with a cover



Construction / Physical

  • Frame Material: aluminum
  • Tube Material: aluminum
  • Exterior Colour: silver
  • Dimensions at maximum height: 54.3 x 31.5 x 43.83 in (1380 x 800 x 1113.37 mm)
  • Dimensions folded: 54.3 x 31.5x 12.6 in (1380 x 800 x 321.98 mm
  • Weight: 75.5 lb (34.25 kg)
  • Load capacity: 1,000 lb (453kg)
  • Castor capacity: 1,102 lb (500 kg)
  • Maximum Stacking: 2 high


Certifications / Qualifications

  • CE, TVU tested

What’s Included

  • CP rack
  • Cover




Additional information

Weight 34.25 kg