DiGiGrid DLI – ProTools to SoundGrid Interface. 64 I/O on Avid Digilink Ports

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DiGiGrid DLI – ProTools to SoundGrid Interface. 64 I/O on Avid Digilink Ports


DiGiGrid DLI is a networking hub that bridges Pro Tools and SoundGrid. With two DigiLink ports giving you as many as 64 digital inputs and outputs, the DiGiGrid DLI helps you get the most out of your existing Pro Tools system.

Add a SoundGrid DSP server to your DLI, and you will enjoy unequaled processing power, with more options for recording, monitoring and mixing in real time.

DiGiGrid DLI has two modes, I/O and SGP:

In I/O mode, DLI bridges your Pro Tools system with DiGiGrid I/Os and SoundGrid DSP servers. The Pro Tools system (HD/HDX or HD Native) continues to be your playback engine, while DLI appears as individual I/Os from which you can expand your studio: just connect additional DiGiGrid I/Os devices for more I/O or a DiGiGrid DGS-XL for real-time processing on the network.

In SGP mode, DLI bridges the DAW of your choice (Logic, Cubase,Nuendo, Ableton, Pro Tools Native, etc.) with SoundGrid applications and ASIO/Core Audio drivers, lets you control various DigiLink-compatible I/Os, and enables you to use a SoundGrid server to which you can offload your plugin processing.

In both modes, a single Ethernet cable will enable you to connect your system to additional DiGiGrid I/Os.



  • 2 DigiLink ports allowing as many as 64 digital inputs and outputs
  • Bridges Pro Tools HD/HDX and HD Native systems with SoundGrid
  • Connects via a single Ethernet cable
  • Compatible with SoundGrid Studio, SuperRack, MultiRack and LV1
  • Compliant with the Soundgrid Studio ASIO/Core Audio driver
  • Sample Rate: 44.1kHz / 48kHz / 88.2kHz / 96kHz


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