ETC Source 4WRD Colour II

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ETC Source 4WRD Colour II



Upcycled Colour

The Source 4WRD Colour II LED engine transforms your existing Source Four incandescent profile into an RGBA LED fixture, unlocking the world of additive color mixing, saturated washes, and quick color changes. It means more stage looks with fewer fixtures using less energy and needing less maintenance, all at a compelling price point.


Warranty 5 year Fixture

Warranty 10 year LED Array


MyETC: Photometrics

With the Source 4WRD Color II engine you get millions of looks with the same fixtures you’ve relied on for years

Etc Source 4wrd Color Ii

Get full photometric and color information on ETC’s entire range of luminaires.

Download MyETC: Photometrics and take the guesswork out of your design.

Retrofit for Any Stage

Quickly convert your incandescent Source Four fixture to an RGBA luminaire! The color-changing functionality brings a modern edge to the best features of your existing Source Four fixtures without having to purchase a whole new rig.

The Classic, Recolored

Don’t have incandescent Source Four fixtures to upgrade? The full-fixture option gives you the same benefits as the retrofit – Source Four name and reputation, with the added features of RGBA additive color mixing.

Color PAR Excellence

Source 4WRD Color technology is available in two complete wash light fixtures. The Source 4WRD Color II PAR and PARNel deliver soft-edges and saturated color, no retrofit required. These luminaires incorporate the Source 4WRD Color II LED engine into a custom housing, offering economical color washes, including zoom on the PARNel version.

Bold Color on Your Horizon

Add the LED CYC adapter to Source 4WRD Color II and unlock a nearly limitless selection of bold colors for lighting your cyclorama! Backed by impressive colour mixing, these highly tuned optics provide incredibly smooth, evenly distributed, coverage, without visible gaps.

Move 4WRD in Five

It takes less than five minutes to upcycle your Source Four to 4WRD Color II. The Source 4WRD Color II provides a simple, cost-effective, non-destructive retrofit of existing Source Four profile fixtures. You can quickly convert an incandescent Source Four ellipsoidal fixture to an RGBA colour-changing luminaire while retaining all the best features of the Source Four.

Where Will You Move 4WRD?
  • Light, layered: Source 4WRD Color II is a happy companion to other ETC fixtures. The beautiful, theatrical dimming curve blends seamlessly with ColorSource, Desire, and Source Four LED luminaires – but also alongside traditional tungsten fixtures or Source 4WRD II.
  • Side Booms are your secret weapon for dance, sculpting bodies in space. Now you can drench them in colour, too, and change them quicker than a pas de bourrée.
  • Source 4WRD Color II adds saturated reds, lush blues, and millions of other hues to your specials, making sure your looks are, well, special.
  • Breakups are easy to do with Source 4WRD Color II. It takes your texture to the next level with subtle or dramatic colour.

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Nichia LEDs
6,042 / 5,051 / 5,687 Max lumens
42.2 / 46.3 / 45.9 Lumens per watt
L70 rating (hours to 70% output): >60,000 hours*
Colors used: RGB-A (Red, Green, Blue and Amber)
Color temperature range 2,200–6,500 K
Calibrated array
No red shift
Swappable lens tubes between 5-90 degrees
79 mm Gate size
Aperture size: lens dependent
Pattern projection
A or B Pattern size
1.2 K and 20 K Camera flicker control/ Hz range
100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz power input
150 W draw at full
Maximum of 10 fixtures per non-dimmed circuit (R20 module)
Requires power from a non-dimmable source.
Inrush:120 V: 32 A (first half-cycle)
240 V: 60 A (first half-cycle)
Ambient operating temp: 5°–50° C (41°–104° F)
Fan (controllable)
No Droop compensation
27 dBa average at 1 m
458 BTUs/hour (120 V)
449 BTUs/hour (240 V)
DMX / RDM via RJ45
RDM configuration
UI type: Seven-segment
12 Onboard presets
5 Onboard sequences
No onboard effects
Fixture-to-fixture control


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