Swisson XRC 200 DMX Recorder

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Swisson XRC 200 DMX Recorder


The XRC-200 is an easy to use DXM recording and replay unit. The operating concept is similar to a CD player and can be used by non-professionals.

The sequences are recorded from a lighting console, or other DMX output device, onto the device. The XRC-200 replays the recorded sequences in real time.
With the ability to record 2 DMX universes (1024 DMX channels), the XRC-200 is also suitable for LED and moving light applications/installations.

A variety of applications in architecture and entertainment, tradeshow, retail and museum lighting are covered with the XRC-200 easily and economically.

Available in 2 models, Dynamic Recorder and Dynamic Recorder with Wallmount

The optional XRC-CT15B contact box with 15 inputs for dry contacts allows a customized integration of triggers for control of the XRC-200 in. In addition, the XRC-200 has an internal timer for show and device control. The device can also be set up to be remotely operated or triggered by DMX. During live shows, the XRC-200 can be used as a DMX backup device.
The sequences and settings of the XRC-200 can be stored and managed with the XRC-200 PC software, which is connected via the USB port.

  • Record and play back 64 Sequences
  • 10 Configurable play lists
  • Configurable fade times
  • Optional 15 Control Inputs
  • 2 DMX Inputs
  • 2 DMX Outputs
  • Built in timer
  • Backup device
  • USB connection for firmware update, and PC software
  • PC software for uploading, downloading and storage of shows
NOTE – Does not ship with a plug fitted 

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 15 cm

XRC-200 DMX Dynamic Recorder, XRC-200-WM DMX Dynamic Recorder with Wallmount

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