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Triple E 3 Way



Triple E track systems and custom designed equipment for use in the entertainment industry have a reputation for simple design, rugged construction and ease of installation.


Triple E was founded in 1984 and specialises in developing and manufacturing equipment and products for the entertainment industry.

Our first product the ‘Loose Pin Hinge’, used by many for scenery construction, won Triple E its first ABTT Product of the Year award in 1984. Since that time we have won 3 more ABTT awards as well as awards in Germany and the USA for our tracking systems.

Curtain and Scenery track systems are their core business and have earned a worldwide reputation for their quality and reliability.

Unitrack was our first system and is still our most specified product, you will find it wherever a system is needed for touring, rental, being moved on a regular basis or transformed from one effect to another.

There are now eight systems in our repertoire from the lightweight 2Way to the duplex chain driven Unibeam and Chainbeam tracks.

Showtechnix offer all Triple E systems, and custom and non standard layouts and effects



3-Way won the ABTT product of the year award when it was launched in 2005.

The compact rectangular section conceals the operating cord and the carriers. The carriers run in the cental slot. The track is available in either natural aluminium or black anodised finish.

3WAY is intended for straight track applications only. Overlaps can be achieved with an overlap track section or overlap arms on the master carriers. Different pulley options enable a number of curtain effects to be achieved. The compact dimensions and uncluttered design make it ideal for applications where the track is in full view. The system is perfect for alcove window systems.

The track can be motorised either with our TRACDRIVE system or with an internal chain system.



3WAY is a medium duty track system for straight track applications. The driving rope is concealed within the track section. The track is manufactured from an aluminium extrusion that is rectangular in section measuring 70mm wide x 44mm high. The curtain carriers run in a concealed channel in the lower portion of the track and the system is suspended from a Tee slot that accepts standard channel nuts. In each side of the extrusion there are further smaller slots that are designed for mounting components such as joint sets and pulleys,. These side slots are intended for use with M6 bolts.

The standard carriers are rated at 5kgs SWL for curtains. The track is rated at a distributed load of 8.5kgs per linear metre based on the track being suspended at 3m centres

The track is joined by means of flat plates that are a close fit in the side slots. The joining plates are secured by means of 4 M6 hex head screws. If the track is to be ceiling mounted where access to the top is not possible, clips are located in the side slots and are screwed to the ceiling. If required, roller pins can be added into the keyhole slots in the base of the extrusion to ensure that all the running surfaces mate cleanly.

The track section features two slots either side of the central channel to guide and house the 8mm driving rope. These drive slots are rectangular with an opening in the base. When used with 8mm rope there is a travelling clamp or shuttle inserted that is used for connecting the master carriers to the cord system.

For manual corded use, Head and Return Pulleys are mounted at opposite ends of the track. These are pre-assembled into short sections of extrusion and are attached by the joining method described above. Variations of the standard pulley arrangement are possible in order to hide the cords behind the curtain where a system has to run in an alcove so that the curtain fills the space wall to wall. To create an overlap a pre assembled overlap centre section is used, for lighter weight and short curtains overlap arms can be attached to the MASTER CARRIERs.

For motorised operation a wall or floor mounted TRACDRIVE system can be used with the standard 8mm driving rope.

All steel parts are either plated or powder coated to prevent corrosion. The aluminium track is available in self colour aluminium or black anodised as standard.





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