Theatrelight TLCUE II Cuemaster II – Lighting Console

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Theatrelight TLCUE II Cuemaster II – Lighting Console


The Cuemaster II adds further functions and channel capacity to the original Cuemaster range, already popular for their reliability, simplicity, and ease of use.

The new panel extends the channel capacity from 120 in the original Cuemaster up to 288 channels, and adds a proportional patch to 1024 dimmers.



  • 288 Channel control with proportional soft-patch to 1024 dimmers
  • 72 preset faders may be Channels or Scenes in blocks of 24 faders
  • Multiple Scenemaster pages, with automatic page overlay memory
  • Chases are level sensitive, and may be of any length
  • Multiple independent Chase speeds – up to 20 simultaneously
  • Chase Beat function for synchronizing chase speed to live music
  • External control of auto-fade auto-effect Shows
  • Fast editing of levels, fade times, and chase speeds
  • SD Card back up of all cue data
  • VGA output for live monitoring of desk and on-screen Help


The new design keeps the simple operation of the original, making it one of the fastest control panels to use to get a show on stage.

The Cuemaster II is the ideal panel for control of conventional lighting in small to medium theatres, stadiums, and TV Studios. Supplied with manual, dustcover, SD Card, and flight case.


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Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 20 × 50 cm