Triple E 2WAY Medium Duty Walkalong Curtain Track

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Triple E 2WAY – Medium Duty Walkalong Curtain Track

A robust, maintenance-free track with a variety of easy-to-install mounting options for walkalong operation. Ideal for masking, perimeter tracks, cycloramas and more for stage, studio, retail, sports, and office environments.


2Way is an aluminum extruded black anodized track section. The standard stock length for 2Way is 6.1 m (20 feet) and can be curved to a minimum radius of 300 mm. The 2Way section incorporates a ‘Tee’ slot in its upper face that accepts a proprietary M8 channel nut which is used to attach all components to the track.

2Way is perfect for permanent installations in a variety of locations both inside and out of entertainment venues. It has also proved itself in touring environments for robust but smaller on set track applications. With both plain and ball-raced runners available 2Way is affordable for even the most modest budget.

2Way also boasts a point system with both a 90 degree and a parallel option and wireless or wired control.


Key Point

  • Walkalong operation only
  • 35 x 40 mm (WxH)
  • Channel style track
  • Plain and ball-raced runners available
  • Custom RAL powder coating available
  • Used for drapes up to 8 m tall






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